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GKE services for the Worldwide LeadershipWEB executive membership group provides critical components of support at the decision-making level of visionary execution of business plans in global education. GKE services for the Worldwide LeadershipWEB group assists decision makers in

inspiring and consolidating a vision of international, multicultural deployment of education's emerging technology potential and unifying opportunities
facilitating full-system designs that truly meet the parameters of an environment of collaborative, global education
maintaining a voice of advocacy within the individual client's system as well as for the larger alliance to empower the Worldwide LeadershipWEB's implementation and scalability
mentoring the development of new master leaders that penetrate mid and lower levels of administration as well as key staff leadership
mentoring through the individual client's development of a critical mass to support a systemic, innovative environment for the integration of international, educational technology
facilitating and maintaining the continuous need for fresh alliances in new, collaborative strategic deployments of the emerging technologies on an international level
facilitating and maintaining a network of collaborative communication for the requisite dissemination of unique information on impact issues within the GKE Worldwide LeadershipWEB
facilitating the introduction of fresh partners as scalability demands
building scalability within the organically growing system of individual members through the power of the entire LeadershipWEB

GKE's CEO and President James Chang, who also is the President of ComWeb Technology Group and the GKE Foundation, once remarked that "dreamers are lonely visionaries." Linda Roberts of the US Department of Education once challenged that "Islands of innovation exist; how do we unite them?" King Cheek, former President of Morgan College as well as Shaw College and President of Mohlin, Switzerland's Virtual University, once described to GKE Vice President Florence McGinn that "the system was broken . . . I was brought in to dismantle it, but instead, I transformed it and rebuilt it." And, even with that extraordinary achievement, King Cheek reflected sadly, "But, what is needed to sustain a new system?"

GKE's Worldwide LeadershipWEB

joins those lonely dreamers into an international alliance
facilitates visionary executive leadership in systemic transformation focused upon the international model demanded of the 21st century
maintains a system of advocacy critically needed to combat the multitude of issues that naturally will confront international, systemic transformation
nurtures transformation's alliance of support through individual development to international sustainability, recognized and branded success, and profitability




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