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Who Is Involved in GKE Alliances or Interactions?

Strategic GKE partnership alliances, business interactions, relationships through GKE's sister corporation COMWEB Technology Group, and/or support for pilot projects employing concepts from the GKE learning system have come from:
New York Institute of Technology
NJ Institute of Technology
Utah State University
Northwestern Polytechnic University
California State University, Fresno
Hunterdon Central Regional HS
LearningDigital.com, Taiwan
Schoolpia.Net, Korea
Daekyo, Korea
Consortium of Distance Education, CODE, composed of 30 East coast higher education institutions
Dianye School, Beijing, China
Centrix Technology, China
Support, recognition, and/or awards for pilot projects and activities utilizing GKE Learning System concepts have come from sources that include:
    AT&T Learning Network
    Johnson & Johnson
    The Hunterdon Foundation
    US Department of Education
    NJ Department of Education
    I BM
    Ministry of Education, Singapore
    Ministry of Education, China
    Ke Yan, poet and university professor, Beijing, China
    MidLinks magazine
    SpeakEasy magazine
    PBS Kids
    Technology and Learning magazine
    Dirksen Congressional Center
    US Web-based Education Commission
Contact info@gke.com for a more complete listing

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