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Educational reach is expanded with applications of new research in understanding how learners learn joined with the extraordinary potential of the emerging technologies.

GKE Learning System

Effective education for all learners can be implemented. A fully deployed GKE Learning System's 21st century learning environment is designed to be

  customized to the needs of each learner
built on each learner's strengths and interests
targeted to address individual weakness
evaluated to enhance progress, individual performance, and understanding
configured to be process-oriented
designed to achieve in-depth understanding
shaped to fit individualized learning goals
delivered to take advantage of the frameworks of modern learning concepts
designed to modern, social concepts of a global economy and a world community
designed to deliver self-initiated learning, creative innovation, and digital age skills

GKE faces the challenge of creating a fresh, original model to bring innovation and 21st century, global learning opportunities to existing and future educational systems.

Traditional areas are addressed within the GKE model while simultaneously delivering modern era skills of problem-solving, critical thinking, innovative leadership, flexible collaboration, and creative process.

"The important thing is not to stop questioning."
Albert Einstein


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GKE Learning System

GKE/USA Members


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