What Is Incite Education?
Incite Education is a publication of Global Knowledge Exchange. This online audio magazine is dedicated to interviews with outstanding leaders in the GKE International Alliance. The magazine includes highlights of achievements in innovative, technology-assisted teaching methodology, collaborative development and dissemination of fresh pedagogies, and development of a strong, organic framework for implementing the GKE Innovative Learning System.

Who Developed Incite Education?
Incite Education was developed by GKE Education Research Associate Neela Mookerjee. She is a recent graduate of Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Communication. Neela has published nationally and internationally. She has written several articles for PBS Online and is the national winner of School City’s Essay Competition. She provided the Metiri Research Group with a solicited-statement on 21st century learning, and her multimedia pieces are on permanent display at the NEA museum in Washington D.C. Additionally, Neela’s creative works have been featured in the award-winning, online magazine Electric Soup and in presentation materials for the Singapore Ministry of Education.Neela is a former student Directing Editor of Vibrations, a thematic multimedia magazine. She also held the position of Directing Editor of Poetry for Electric Soup, an online literary magazine.