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James Chang
Founder and CEO, Global Knowledge Exchange

James Chang is revolutionizing the education industry. His mission is to serve the next generation of learners by providing innovative and engaging tools for accelerating achievement and creativity. He is transforming classrooms across the globe by providing leading-edge technology and robust professional development support. In this interview, Mr. Chang describes his motivation for establishing Global Knowledge Exchange and his vision for leading education into the 21st century and beyond.

Conducted: 4 March 2004 by Neela Mookerjee


Yin Chao
Principal of Allied Elementary School of Peking University

It takes a special leader to guide China's most prestigious elementary school through the Information Age maze. Yin Chao is proving she is up to the challenge through special projects such as the establishment of a GKE Innovative Learning Center on campus. In this interview, Ms. Chao describes the path that brought her to the most noted elementary school in China and her vision for its continued growth and reputation for excellence.

Conducted: 23 October 2003 by Neela Mookerjee

Emily Judson
University of Delaware Honors Student

The real value of an innovative learning system lies in the achievements of its learners. With a stellar academic record in the Honors Program at the University of Delaware, Emily Judson is living proof that the GKE Innovative Learning System can help learners reach their highest goals. In this interview, Ms. Judson discusses the lifelong impact of the GKE Innovative Learning System and offers a 21st century learner perspective on education in the Information Age.

Conducted: 30 January 2004 by Neela Mookerjee


Lucy Lee
Former President, Chinese Language Association of Secondary Schools (CLASS)

Lucy Lee is at the forefront of Chinese language advocacy in the United States, serving as a teacher, consultant, and leader to numerous language associations and agencies. She is celebraing the continued success of the Fulbright summer study in China program as well as the development of a Chinese language AP test. Ms. Lee sat down with GKE to discuss the state of Chinese language teaching in the United States and GKE's role in advancing her cause.

Conducted: 18 December 2003 by Neela Mookerjee

Florence McGinn
GKE Senior Vice President

Florence McGinn is the heart of the GKE Innovative Learning System. She gained national and international recognition during the two decades she spent in the classroom, and she is now engaged in education advocacy on a global scale. Ms. McGinn's interview traces her outstanding career from the early days as a teacher to current GKE projects and future plans.

Conducted: 4 February 2004 by Neela Mookerjee


George Zhang
Vice Principal of Beijing Bright Horizon International Academy

In order to live up to his school's motto that "Future leaders are born here," George Zhang is pioneering modern, innovative pedagogies. In this interview, Mr. Zhang discusses the importance of putting the learner at the center of the learning process and the excitement of establishing a new school in this Information Age.

Conducted: 24 October 2003 by Neela Mookerjee