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Membership in GKE is divided into categories:

families and individuals
professional associations

Some categories are by invitation only.

Eligible members include public or private colleges/universities, secondary and technical schools/institutions, elementary school districts, commercial organizations, individuals or governmental agencies.

Education and training members can be knowledge providers, knowledge recipients, or both. Non-profit and government groups are those demonstrating commitment to innovation, an inclusive global approach, and educational opportunities for all learners. Families and individuals may be associated with alliance members or simply be committed to technology-assisted learning.

GKE's inherent strengths and expert teams combine with alliance members and strategic partners create a unique mix of Information Age opportunities that include:

Connecting GKE members to courses and course content through the educational exchange established by GKE

Assistance in identifying, developing, and marketing distance learning opportunities

Assistance and resources in developing computer-based, multimedia distance learning instructor training, distance learning curriculum and courses

Consultation in the planning, design, and furnishing of 21st century classroom and training facilities

Support in developing an electronic information infrastructure designed to facilitate distance learning worldwide

Assistance in identifying funding sources and preparing successful grant proposals

Access to specific members who are at the forefront of distance learning technology, techniques and courseware

Providing each member with a user information network via periodic briefings and newsletters on state-of-the-art distance learning technologies and activities worldwide

Families and individuals are accessed to unique technology-assisted learning resources, innovative activities, and guidance with learning opportunities

Commercial membership encompasses those organizations interested in promoting products and/or services to GKE members for distance learning applications, including courseware, hardware, software, telecommunications and distance learning rooms.

Membership benefits include access to a worldwide market of knowledge providers and recipients, endorsement by GKE, when appropriate, of products or services fulfilling the criteria established by GKE members to meet specific needs, and assistance in identifying, developing and supplying products and services to GKE members.


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